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Landscape Lighting for your home

Illuminate Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

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    Darrell was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable about outdoor lighting. We truly enjoy the way our home looks now with the high quality outdoor lighting provided by this company. Not only is it beautiful but I believe it creates an extra safety measure for homeowners. Thank you Elmore Lighting!
    Todd M., Fort Worth
  2. 5
    I had Elmore Lighting come to my home for an estimate to put lights around my home. I was working with a budget. Darrell walked around my home and then we discussed what look great. He explained that he could do part now and then when my budget allowed he could expand the system. Darrell was very professional, respectful and courteous. I would recommend Elmore Lighting to anyone looking for outdoor lighting.
    Verna O., Fort Worth
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    "Mr Elmore installed his lighting system as promised and we are completely satisfied. The lighting system exceeds our expections. Our electric bill is less than eighty dollars. " Thank You Darrell.
    Ron P., Fort Worth
  4. 4
    Darrell came to give me an estimate. He was friendly and knowledgeable. Darrell and I collaborated on the placement of lights which ended in my house looking amazing.
    Dawayne D., Fort Worth
  5. 3
    We were delighted with the work Darrell Elmore did for us - installation of a new 10-fixture outdoor lighting system. We found him timely and professional, and he communicated very well with us throughout. It's refreshing to find a contractor so particular about doing great work, and making sure the customer is happy.
    Mike B., Flower Mound
  6. 2
    We had seen outdoor lighting being installed around our neighborhood and found out that it was done by Elmore Lighting. I talked with my husband and we decided that we wanted to move forward with lighting around the home. We researched and found Elmore Lighting was able to provide quality and affordability. We are very pleased with the job Darrell did on our lights. I would recommend them to anyone.
    - Stacy B., Fort Worth
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