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We believe everyone deserves to be in the spotlig​ht!

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About Us

Elmore Lighting is where you can find Low Voltage Lighting installation for small and large systems. We focus on bringing balance and symmetry to your property and with that a welcoming feeling for friends and family. ​

We want homeowners to move away from traditional lighting to Home and Garden lighting. Low Voltage Lighting is energy efficient and has more flexibility in placement of light fixtures. We will explain step by step the full process of the placement of system and save you money along the way using LED lighting.

We believe that landscape lighting is an integral part of home security. Outdoor landscape lighting discourages would-be intruders from targeting your home by increasing the risk of being caught. The best lighting design allows physical detection and minimizes hiding spots and increases your sense of safety. Over-illumination can draw unwanted attention to your home and can cause light pollution. The lighting system also adds beauty and dimension to a home.

We will give you the best prices for your landscaping lighting needs. We make sure your property is free of all debris prior to installing your new landscape lighting. We will provide you other tips to make installment of your home and garden lights a snap.