Outdoor Lighting – Don’t Hide Your Home, Show Your Home!

Landscape Lighting for your home

Landscape Lighting – Don’t Hide Your Home, Show Your Home!

We believe everyone deserves to be in the spotlight!

Elmore Lighting



​​Elmore Lighting is owner operated and offers multiple types of LED lights.

At Elmore Lighting, we want your property to feel secure. We will work hard to find the best outdoor lighting solution possible for your needs. We will design a system that provides you with exactly the end result you are looking for! Call us today at (817) 589-3833 to learn more about outdoor lighting systems in DFW area.

We will assess your property and help you design an outdoor lighting system that will provide you with added security and beauty for your property. Nothing has a greater effect on the comfort of an individual than the quality of light on their home.

We are happy to serve the entire DFW Metroplex and look forward to assisting you!

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